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Legislation n. 33 dated 14 March 2013, “Reorganization of regulations regarding duties of publication, transparency and promotion of information by public administrative bodies”, published by Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 80 on 5 April 2013 and effective from 20 aprile 2013, aims at making information on the organization and activity of public administrative bodies and bodies financed by public money accessible, with the objective of establishing widespread forms of control on institutional functions and the use of public resources. In accordance with these regulations Fondazione Camillo Cavour has appointed Serena Rossi as Transparency Supervisor. Fondazione Camillo Cavour makes public documents related to its establishment, regulations, administrators, managers, consultants and collaborators. In this section you may download institutional documents on the Body’s constitution and function.


  • Agreement
    With Città di Torino
  • Agreement
    Between Città di Torino and Fondazione Cavour regarding Visconti Venosta assets
  • Agreement
    Between Città di Torino, Fondazione Cavour and Santena regarding the park and the area next to cascina nuova