Fondazione Camillo Cavour

History of Fondazione Camillo Cavour

Fondazione Camillo Cavour was established in Torino on 18 April 1955 by Città di Torino and Marquess Margherita Pallavicino Mossi in the presence of FIAT Vicepresident Giancarlo Camerana.

The Foundation featured in the will of Marquis Giovanni Visconti Venosta, the last owner of Santena Castle, once property of the Benso di Cavour family. On 30 May 1946, in a codicil published with a notary’s deed on 29 December 1947, the Marquis bequeathed to the Council of Torino the real estate he owned in the municipality of Santena, together with the related archive of antiques and historical relics. His widow, Marquess Margherita Pallavicino Mossi retained usufruct, and a few years later established the Foundation.

The purpose of Fondazione Camillo Cavour

Fondazione Camillo Cavour was established to promote the study of Cavour and all initiatives aimed at advancing and spreading knowledge of the statesman from Torino, his work and his teachings.

Another purpose of the Foundation is to preserve and valorize the bequest by Marquis Giovanni Visconti Venosta to Città di Torino.

The future of Fondazione Camillo Cavour

The unification of Italy was the objective Camillo Cavour pursued during his entire life. The Foundation believes his work should be expanded to include the celebration of the unification of Italy among the founding values of our country, and as an incitement for future generations.

In March 1835 Camillo Cavour wrote to Cesare Balbo: «The love for my country and for my Italian homeland has not weakened at all in my heart. I love Italy and would like to serve it in some way, I would like to contribute to its honor and glory, even if just by adding one sole pebble to the immense edifice of its literature and sciences». It is by these principles that Fondazione Camillo Cavour wishes to be inspired.