Progetto per il Campus Cavour della Scuola Nazionale dell’Amministrazione

28 February 2022

The town of Santena lies a mere 20 Km from Turin, well connected to the city and its airport. It is home to Fondazione Camillo Cavour, named after the Piedmontese statesman, whose Memorial and crypt, a National Monument, are located in Santena. Cascina Nuova stands there, inside Polo Cavouriano, at the border of a 16-hectare 19th-century English garden.

Inspired by Cavour’s belief in the importance of an effective Public Administration, we envisioned Cascina Nuova as a seat of choice for the National School of Administration. 

The building, erected in 1795 by Cavour’s grandparents, reveals the typical features of Piedmontese rural architecture, with linear wings and a courtyard layout, which immediately evokes the vision of a campus.

Feasibility studies have focused on recovery and restoration, with moderate changes and additions in materials and design, pursuing a hi-standard renovation following the principles of sustainability, technological innovation, and total energy independence, per the cardinal aims of Fondazione Cavour.  

The most obvious sign of this transformation is the central covered ringway supporting the court design and providing access to the ground floor.  Sixteen classrooms will welcome up to 400 students on the ground and first floors of the main wings, with offices, meeting halls, a bookstore, and a cafeteria.

The Auditorium will be located underground, below the central courtyard, and will have a foyer connected to the school and direct access from the outside, including for service vehicles. An existing, dedicated building will serve as a guesthouse to complete the court.

This is our vision: a National School of Administration combining Italy’s history and future in its educational offering and architectural surroundings, in what we would like to call the Cavour Campus of the National School of Administration.

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