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The Polo Cavouriano (Cavour Center) is a place full of charm, beauty and History

The Polo Cavouriano (Cavour Center) is a place full of charm, beauty and History,
the place where Camillo Benso di Cavour, the statesman behind the Unification of Italy,
lived and was buried. The Center includes a Memorial built inside the castle,
surrounded by extensive English Gardens, and Cavour’s tomb, and is completed by the renowned Sala Diplomatica (Diplomatic Room) and Palazzo delle Scuderie (Stables’ Court), home to the Archives and the Visconti Venosta Library.

Santena Castle Park

The Park of Santena’s Cavour Centre is open all year round.
Entrance is free. 
Winter opening times: 9,00 – 16,30
Summer opening times: 8,00 – 19,00

Cavour Memorial

The Cavour Memorial is a museum dedicated to the Piedmontese statesman and to the history of the Risorgimento (Italian Unification). It opened on Wednesday 17 March 2021 after long, painstaking renovation and conservation work.

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Camillo Cavour’s Tomb

When the Memorial opened the tomb was included in the visitors’ tour. It is possible to book a separate visit by appointment.

The Diplomatic Room

The Diplomatic Room, the Archive and the Visconti Venosta Library housed inside the Stables’ Court will be part of a special tour to be planned. 

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