The residence of Camillo Cavour, the statesman who made Italy

Cultural event

17 March

Day celebrating National Unity,
the Constitution, the Anthem and the Flag

Cultural event

6 June

Anniversary of the death
of Camillo Cavour

The Camillo Cavour Prize 2023
awarded to Antonio Patuelli, President of ABI

Cultural event

20 September

Camillo Cavour


Camillo Cavour

Archive and library

The library is an important testament over the centuries of this family’s high cultural level, and its archive also includes the history of the great families of Piedmont such as the Carron of San Tommaso, the Lascaris of Ventimiglia, the Alfieri and Visconti Venosta.

Cavour tours

The Cavour Centre is part of an integrated international network of tours, an organic system of museums including other historic European seats of power, part of Cavour’s family and intellectual homeland, as well as historically important places of the Risorgimento.

Films and TV

There are not many films, TV series or TV programs dedicated to this famous Piedmontese statesman. This section will include all the video material regarding Camillo Cavour, his family, and the places where he spent his life.


Fondazione Camillo Cavour Santena

Santena Cavour Castle

Santena Cavour Park