Cavour tours

A journey through the sites and homes related to Camillo Cavour

Santena’s Polo cavouriano is part of a circuit of international itineraries within an organized museum system including other historical European abodes, constituting Cavour’s family and intellectual home, as well as the historical sites of the Risorgimento.

The Cavour Itineraries project envisages the realization of a theme-based series including a number of linked websites in order to create a virtual system to explore the historical abodes related to Count Camillo Benso di Cavour and his family.

Cavour sites: Santena, Cavour, Leri

Santena, Grinzane and Leri are different sites yet indissolubly connected. Their bond suggests the creation of a unique, extraordinary tour.

Santena, the park and the bond with the landscape

Prussian landscaper Xavier Kurten arrived in Italy in 1815 bringing to the Savoy court and its ministers a taste for the new English gardens.

Camillo Cavour’s cultural roots

Santena was not just a country home close to Torino where the family spent days of leisure and welcomed friends.

The sites of the Risorgimento

Risorgimento is a “historiographic term used for a complex spiritual and political process and the series of economic and social transformations (...)” which led to the unification of Italy.