Cavour Timeline


Saturday 6 March: he is assigned to the Fort of Bard in the Aosta Valley;

Wednesday 27 April: Carlo Alberto is crowned King;

Sunday 9 May: he writes to his mother from Donnaz;

Wednesday 10 August: he turns twenty-one years old;

Wednesday 22 September: Gustavo and Adelaide’s second child Giuseppina is born, Camillo’s niece;

Monday 31 October: he is called back to Torino;

Saturday 12 November: with a despatch sent to Camillo two days later the Ministry of War communicates to the Engineering Corps that His Majesty has granted on health grounds to tenant Count of Cavour “as requested, exemption from any further Military Service, granting the use of the generic Army uniform, but not the use of the uniform of his Corps”;

Thursday 15 December: Camillo’s great-uncle, Uberto Benso di Cavour, known as Franchino dies;

Sunday 18 December: Camillo’s uncle, Louis de Douhet d’Auzers, dies.


Monday 13 May: he writes to Auguste De La Rive;

Wednesday 15 May: Chief of Police Toresani informs the Commissioner of Boffalora that Cavour is about to start on a journey: he must be prevented from crossing the border;

Wednesday 5 June: he writes from Torino to uncle De Sellon;

Saturday 10 August: he turns 23;

Friday 16 August: he starts keeping a diary. He dines with Charles Lucas and Prosper Lucas at La Fênetre, a villa owned by his uncle on his mother’s side Jean-Jacques de Sellon, near Geneva;

Saturday 17 August: he visits a polling station in Geneva;

Sunday 18 August: he dines at the Ècu in Geneva with Ruggero Gabaleone of Salmour. He visits Jean-Èdouard Naville;

Monday 19 August: day trip to Choully to see Lullin de Châteauvieux, where he meets Naville;

Tuesday 20 August: dinner at Bocage with his aunt, uncle and Mme de Corvesy;

Wednesday 21 August: he comments on the prince of Craon;

Thursday 22 August: he attends the Société de Lecture, where he meets the Marquis d’Almeida;

Friday 23 August: he goes to Fernay-Voltaire with the prince of Craon to visit Voltaire’s house. He writes to Gustavo from Geneva;

Saturday 24 August: he visits Coppet with the prince of Craon;

Sunday 25 August: he writes a sentence read on “Obermann” by Pivert de Senancour on his diary;

Monday 26 August: he reads an article on the Revue d’Édimbourg, sees Huber, dines at the Maurice’s with, among others, Mme de Rumfor and de Candolle;

Tuesday 27 August: he goes to visit Geneva’s jail with Eugène De La Rive and the prince of Craon, then he goes to see de Sismondi;

Wednesday 28 August: he goes to dine at the castle in Crans-près-Céligny, where he has a long conversation with its owner, Huber-Saladin;

Thursday 29 August: he spends the morning with Salins, former peer at the Academy, then returns to the jail in Geneva where he speaks with Aubanel. Back at his uncle’s he talks to Cécile about religious matters;

Friday 30 August: he meets Prévost-Martin, Sismondi, and sees Eynard at Madame Rillied Hubert’s;

Saturday 31 August: he visits Eynard;

Sunday 1 September: he comments on Victoire’s state of irritation;

Monday 2 September: he spends the day with his friend Salins;

Tuesday 3 September: he dines at Bocage with the Maurices, the Châteauvieux and the Guetris. After lunch he spends time with Mr. Guetri;

Wednesday 4 September: dines in Mont-Fleury with the Marmier, Hubert and Mrs. Augusta Saladin;

Thursday 5 September: he goes to the Société de Lecture, then with his aunt and uncle Tonnerre he goes for dinner in Chouilly guest of the Châteauvieux;

Friday 6 September: he spends part of the day with Bazin du Chanay;

Saturday 7 September: he describes an episode occurred to Bazin with the Prince of Carignano;

Sunday 8 September: he dines at Bocage with the Truchsess family;

Monday 9 September: he receives a letter from his sister-in-law;

Tuesday 10 September: he travels to Presinge to spend a few days with Auguste De La Rive;

Wednesday 11 September: lunch with Gaspard De La Rive who illustrates the De Sellon family tree to him;

Thursday 12 September: he meets one Jules de Calvière and describes him as ridiculous;

Friday 13 September: he dines in Collonge where he meets one Mr. Martin;

Saturday 14 September: on his diary he comments on an article on Napoleon I published by Journal de la Haye;

Sunday 15 September: he quotes a sentence by Semeur in his diary;

Monday 16 September: he reads the papers commenting on foreign affairs;

Thursday 19 September: he spends the day in Pressinge;

Friday 20 September: he watches the army as it returns from Basel;

Saturday 21 September: he comments on a work by McCulloch featured on the Revue d’Édimburg on his diary, has a discussion with his aunt an uncle Tonnerre and Paul-Émile Maurice;

Sunday 22 September: he attends a competition for plows in Plan-les-Ouates (a suburb of Geneva);

Monday 23 September: he receives a letter from his friend Cappai;

Tuesday 24 September: Cavour writes in his diary: “An ill-fated day”;

Wednesday 25 September: he takes a boat from Geneva to Montreux with Adèle Maurice and her husband. Then they go to Chillon Castle, return to Montreux and go to spend the night in Vevey;

Thursday 26 September: they return to Geneva with pastor Ramus;

Sunday 29 September: anniversary of the birth of the Duke of Bordeaux. He attends mass at Bocage;

Monday 30 September: he writes on his diary about hearing of supposed cases of cholera in Paris;

Tuesday 1 October: he goes to Mornex to visit Mme Boissier with Mr. Maurice;

Wednesday 2 October: he reads a number of the Revue Encyclopédique;

Thursday 3 October: he reads a number of the Gazette Évangélique and goes to the Church of Saint-Pierre in Geneva to listen to a reading of Diodati by Ramus;

Saturday 5 October: he dines at Bocage with his aunt and uncle and the Marquis of Dreux-Brézé;

Sunday 6 October: he writes a thought by Mme de Roland on his diary;

Monday 7 October: he writes on his diary a thought about Mr de Polignac;

Wednesday 9 October: he leaves Geneva heading for Torino with his aunt d’Auzers;

Saturday 12 October-Sunday 13 October: he spends two days in Torino meeting Juliette de Barolo, Santa Rosa and Barante;

Wednesday 16 October: he goes to Santena;

Thursday 17 October: he stays in Santena where Augusto and Giuseppina, Gustavo and his grandmother are on holiday;

Friday 18 October: he leaves Santena for Grinzane. He stops in Bra’s town square on market day to feed his horses and sees two priests hugging two disreputable women. Entering a Cafe he sees a third priest with a drunk woman: he is deeply impressed by it;

Saturday 19 October: he is in Grinzane. He starts reading a piece by Théodore Jouffroy and comments on it in his diary;

Tuesday 22 October: he goes to Alba to dine with its administrator, Count Somis;

Wednesday 23 October: back in Grinzane, he comments on a passage of  Jouffroy’s writing;

Friday 25 October: he receives a letter from his mother and goes to dine at the bishop of Alba’s with doctor Bertolino, the economist and other people;

Sunday 27 October: he writes to his mother from Grinzane and writes down the tale of the “Salinera” in his diary;

Thursday 31 October: he attends a meeting of the Science Academy in Torino;

Friday 1 November: in a note in his diary he reports part of an article from the Temps;

Monday 4 November: in the morning he meets Cesare Balbo, then writes to his uncle de Sellon;

Wednesday 20 November: he is in Torino to assist the ailing secretary of the French delegation d’Haussonville;

Thursday 21 November: in Torino assisting d’Haussonville;

Friday 22 November: in Torino assisting d’Haussonville;

Saturday 23 November: in Torino assisting d’Haussonville and writes to Paul-Émile Maurice and his wife Adèle;

Sunday 24 November: in Torino assisting d’Haussonville;

Monday 25 November: in Torino assisting d’Haussonville;

Tuesday 26 November: in Torino assisting d’Haussonville;

Wednesday 27 November: in Torino assisting d’Haussonville;

Thursday 28 November: in Torino;

Friday 29 November: in Torino. D’Haussonville improves;

Saturday 30 November: in Torino;

Sunday 1 December: in Torino;

Monday 2 December: in Torino;

Tuesday 3 December: in Torino;

Wednesday 4 December: in Torino;

Thursday 5 December: in Torino;

Friday 6 December: he travels to Grinzane without notifying the Castle of his arrival; he waits for the manager Ravinale until 10 at night;

Saturday 7 December: in Grinzane, he dismisses Ravinale;

Sunday 8 December: Tosco arrives in Grinzane: Cavour called him to temporarily manage the Castle in the absence of a manager;

Monday 9 December: he spends an anxious day in Grinzane;

Tuesday 10 December: he decides to appoint Giovanni Rosso as the new manager of Grinzane;

Thursday 12 December: he is back in Torino;

Friday 13 December: Ainardo, Gustavo’s third child and Camillo’s nephew is born at 3.30 AM. Camillo assists his sister-in-law;

Monday 16 December: he copies on his diary an advert for a remedy against obesity featured in the Journal des Débats, writes to his aunt Cécile de Sellon and dines with d’Haussonville at Mme de Barante’s;

Tuesday 17 December: while reading Mémoires d’un homme d’État he finds his uncle d’Auzers named as a Knight of Malta;

Wednesday 18 December: he notes down in his diary the debts held by House of Cavour, the pensions his father has to pay and the debts incurred by the Leri estate;

Thursday 19 December: him and Gustavo argue violently in front of the whole family which sides with Gustavo;

Friday 20 December: he writes in his diary about his fear of obesity;

Saturday 21 December: his sister-in-law’s illness worsens;

Tuesday 24 December: his sister-in-law enters into a state of delirium; there is a slight improvement during the night;

Wednesday 25 December: on Christmas Day his sister-in-law’s delirium becomes frenzied; after the doctors leave in the evening Gustavo and Camillo spend time in her room;

Sunday 29 December: all hope is lost, prayers for the dying are recited for Adele;

Tuesday 31 December: his sister-in-law Adele Lascaris of Ventimiglia dies at midnight.


delirio della cognata diventa “frenetico”; alla sera, dopo che i medici vanno via, Gustavo si intrattiene nella sua camera con Camillo;

29 dicembre, domenica: tutte le speranze sono perse, si incominciano a recitare le preghiere degli agonizzanti per la cognata Adele;

31 dicembre, martedì: a mezzanotte muore la cognata Adele Lascaris di Ventimiglia.


Friday 3 January: he writes down in his diary the obituary for his sister-in-law, Adelaide Lascaris;


Saturday 4 January: he copies in his diary sentences from “The history of Tom Jones, a foundling” by H. Fielding and writes to Pietro di Santarosa, who is staying in Rome;

Monday 6 January: he receives a letter from Santa Rosa, probably sent  from Rome on 30 December 1833;

Thursday 9 January: he tidies the papers of uncle “Franchino” (cavaliere Uberto Benso), one of his paternal grandfather’s sixteen brothers;

Monday 20 January: he goes to dine at restaurant Bordino with Montessuy and Marescalchi; he receives a letter from his friend Cappai;

Tuesday 21 January: he receives Mr. Modana, a Jew, and lends him 250 francs;

Thursday 23 January: he goes to dinner at English envoy Foster’s abode with Drovetti, Boucheron, Pellico, Roggieri, de Barante; afterwards he goes to Countess Masino’s ball;

Friday 24 January: he meets Breton who is passing through Torino;

Tuesday 28 January: he goes to dine at Prosper de Barante’s with Montessuy;

Wednesday 29 January: he writes a page on his father, his brother and on the fact that Gustavo had to pay for his wife’s medicines and funeral;

Thursday 4 February: he goes to a ball organized by his cousins Vittorio Balbiano di Viale and Paolo Remigio Costa di Trinità; during the evening he is approached by a lady whose name he does not reveal and he loses money playing cards;

Monday 10 February: he writes to Grinzane’s manager, Giovanni Rosso;

Thursday 13 February: he writes a page in his diary dedicated to Angelo Brofferio;

Tuesday 18 February: among his uncle Franchino’s papers he finds the correspondence between Victoire de Sellon and Michele di Cavour from 1813 to 1814;

Thursday 10 April: he writes to his mother from Grinzane;

Monday 5 May: he travels to Santena with Mr. Pollone and Mr. Augusto Gazelli to see the castle and the park. They have breakfast. In the evening they go to dine at Pollone’s and end the evening playing cards at Caffè Fiorio;

Tuesday 6 May: he attends a pic-nic at Mme Bertone’s, and witnesses a clash between Marquis Ferreri and Pollone;

Wednesday 7 May : Ferreri and later Pollone visit him at the palace;


Saturday 10 May: Salmour informs him he will marry Mlle de Grammont; after lunch he clashes violently with his aunt Victoire regarding some of Adelaide Lascaris’ belongings; he writes to uncle Jean-Jacques de Sellon;

Sunday 11 May : he describes the argument he had with his aunt Victore on the previous day in his diary;

Saturday 31 May: he describes in his diary his violent clashes with his brother who does not want to give him back a room Camillo had lent him at the start of winter;

Sunday 8 June: he writes to Ruggero di Salmour;

Wednesday 18 June: in Grinzane;

Thursday 19 June: in Grinzane;

Friday 20 June: Mme Giustiniani is staying at the Hotel Feder in Torino and writes him an anonymous note;

Saturday 21 June: Nina Giustiniani’s note is delivered in Torino while Camillo was in Grinzane;

Sunday 22 June: he leaves Grinzane at one, travels through Bra, and reaches Torino after 8 PM. He goes to Nina’s hotel and then goes looking for her at Teatro Regio, where Bellini’s Norma is being performed; he meets her for a few moments. To avoid his father rushing to Carmagnola, he sets off on foot from Torino towards Santena at midnight; in Moncalieri he takes a carriage and arrives in Santena at 3 AM on the following morning;

Monday 23 June: he stays in Santena until after dinner and then leaves for Torino; he meets Nina Giustiniani around 8.30, alone, as her husband has gone to see the bonfire of San Giovanni;

Tuesday 24 June: he meets Nina twice; she writes him a note;

Wednesday 25 June: Camillo meets Nina in the morning; Camillo receives another letter from Nina written during the day;

Thursday 26 June: he meets Nina twice;

Friday 27 June: Nina leaves for the thermal resort of Vinadio at 2 PM;

Monday 30 June: he waits in Torino for a letter from Nina but in vain; the courier delivers nothing;

Wednesday 2 July: a letter from Anna Giustiniani sent on the previous Monday arrives in Torino;

Saturday 5 July: at last his father brings Nina’s letter to him in Santena;

Monday 7 July: he sends a letter for Nina to Richard, who is staying in Vinadio;

Wednesday 9 July: he receives a very formal note from Nina, written on 7 July;

Thursday 10 July: he writes down considerations regarding his nephew Augusto’s character, who has not spoken to him for a week because of a squabble between them; Nina and her husband fight until they both burst into tears;

Saturday 12 July: he receives two letters from Nina in Vinadio: one written on the evening of Tuesday 8 July, the other on Wednesday 9 July;

Sunday 20 July: from Vinadio, where he had been staying the previous days, Camillo travels to Cuneo to meet Nina again, as requested by her husband;

Monday 21 July: he accompanies his aunt Henriette to Borgo San Dalmazzo, on his way back he obtains a lift by a pasta merchant to Cuneo; he copies an excerpt from a letter written by Nina in Demonte on Sunday 20 in his diary;

Tuesday 22 July: after writing another letter to Camillo, at 4,45 Nina leaves Cuneo – via Savona – to return to Genova;

Wednesday 23 July: he goes to see his mother in Valdieri;

Thursday 24 July: he talks with Mme de Guasco and takes her to dance the “monferrina”;

Friday 25 July: he receives a letter from his cousin Amélie;

Sunday 27 July: Mme Guasco gives him “oeillades assassines” (killer looks) and makes numerous avances; after dinner he plays chess, losing against De Roussy de Sales; Nina writes him three letters;

Monday 28 July: he goes for a walk with Mme Guasco;

Tuesday 29 July: still in Valdieri and spending more time with Mme Guasco who while on a walk confesses her feelings for him; he goes on a day trip to the falls of Vallasco with Mme Guasco, La Rovere and Mme Robione; Nina writes him a letter;

Wednesday 30 July: in the morning he receives a letter from his father, three letters from Nina, one from Millesimo, one from Savona and one from Voltri;

Thursday 31 July: he spends more time with Mme Guasco in Valdieri; Nina writes him another letter;

Friday 1 August: Camillo confesses to Mme Guasco that he will be going to Paris in the winter; Nina writes him another letter;

Sunday 10 August:  he turns twenty-four;

Friday 15 August: he returns to Santena where he finds two letters from Nina and is welcomed by his father who tells him he has been offered the position of viceroy of Sardinia and has turned it down and has also been offered the position of deputy head of the Police of Torino;

Saturday 16 August: Gustavo’s mother-in-law visits Camillo and his family in Santena; during dinner and later Camillo complains about Augusto;


Monday 18 August: he goes to visit the Pollone;

Tuesday 19 August: he goes to see the De La Rüe in Rivarolo;

Thursday 21 August: he summarizes the events of the previous days in his diary;

Tuesday 26 August: in Torino he receives a letter from Cassio who is enjoying himself very much in Paris;

Thursday 28 August: he patiently poses for the Romagnoli (Romanini) to give his lovers two miniatures;

Saturday 30 August: he writes that he has spent three wonderful days with Mme Guasco who has specifically come to Torino to see him;

Wednesday 3 September: from Grinzane he goes to attend the Council meeting in Alba, and then dines at the administrator’s; he leaves for Genova, and spends the night in a hotel in Asti;

Thursday 4 September: he takes the coach to Genova, stopping in Alessandria for refreshments;

Friday 5 September: in Genova he sees Nina Giustiniani and her husband again;

Monday 8 September: in Genova he relates he returned to Voltri twice and also spent a night there. He watches a procession;

Tuesday 9 September: he writes that during his time in Genova he dined with David De La Rüe and his wife every day;

Thursday 11 September: in Genova he dines at Governor Paolucci’s; among the guests there were an Englishman, director of the East India Company works, and Maistre;

Tuesday 16 September: he goes to Quinto to a party organized by Fabio Pallavicini, who reserves him an icy reception;

Wednesday 17 September: he leaves Genova by coach heading for Santena;

Thursday 18 September: he arrives in Santena at 4 AM and finds Marina seriously ill;

Monday 22 September: Father Lecteur arrives in Santena for the very first time, back from a trip to Nice and along the Ligurian coast, enthusiastically welcomed by aunt Henriette;

Wednesday 1 October: back from Genova he finds a letter from Clementina Guasco di Castelletto, telling him of her desire to end their relationship. Camillo goes to see her in Envie anyway. On the coach taking him to Saluzzo he finds himself embroiled in a discussion with the owners of “à soie” mills (silk-throwing mills);

Saturday 4 October: back from Envie he travels to Santena, where he is visited by Santarosa;

Wednesday 8 October: in Grinzane with Tosco;

Friday 10 October: in Grinzane;

11 October-19 October: from Grinzane he travels to Voltri, via Murazzano and Savona. He stays three days in Voltri with Nina, then meets d’Auvare in Savona in his way back;

Monday 20 October: he returns to Grinzane;

Saturday 13 December: from Torino he writes to Swiss agronomist Jean-Édouard Naville in Geneva;

Between 14 and 20 December: Camillo goes to Geneva with his servant Felice and his aunt Henriette. Through Sant’Ambrogio they reach Susa where they dine and leave after 10 PM; passing through Novalesa and Moncenisio they arrive in Lanslebourg at 6, where he writes to his father.


January: a few copies of his first anonymous pamphlet are published, 80 pages long, in French, under the title: «Extrait du rapport des commissaires de S.M. Britannique qui ont exécuté une enquête générale sur l’administration des fonds provenant de la taxe des pauvres en Angleterre»;

Tuesday 13 January: he attends the Bal du Casino and meets Vittorio Emanuele di Caraglio;

Tuesday 24 February: he leaves Geneva with his friend Pietro di Santarosa for the first trip to France and England;

Saturday 28 February: he arrives in Paris;

Sunday 5 April: from Paris he writes to his cousin Adèle Maurice, born De Sellon;

Saturday 9 May: he leaves Paris heading for England. He arrives in London on the 12th;

Tuesday 12 May: in London;

May-June: he visits London, Windsor, Cambridge, Oxford, Stratford, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Wales;

Saturday 27 June: his father Michele is appointed Deputy and Police Superintendent;

Tuesday 7 July: he arrives in Brussels where he visits Gioberti; then he travels through Malines, Antwerp, Leuven, Liège, the Rhineland provinces and returns to Torino in late July;

Monday 10 August: he turns 25;

Tuesday 11 August: he takes on the administration of the Leri estate on behalf of his father and brother.


Thursday 31 March: he leaves Torino for Villach, where he collects a flock of Merino sheep;

Friday 1 April: in Novara he watches the procession of the Confraternita del Rosario. When it ends at 9 PM he goes to bed;

Saturday 2 April: he gets stopped at the border near Buffalora, on the Naviglio Grande near Magenta;

Sunday 3 April: he spends Easter Day in Milano;

Monday 4 April: in Milano he has lunch with Pasteur and Mme Ulric, wife of Guillaume Ulrich, Michele di Cavour’s banker. In the evening he receives a visit by Manzoni’s sister-in-law, wife of a German banker. At 5 he sets off;

Tuesday 5 April: he travels during the night, reaches lake Garda, travels through Peschiera and arrives in Verona. He visits the amphitheater and Romeo and Juliet’s grave. He leaves Verona at 12 and travels all day;

Wednesday 6 April: after passing through Vicenza and Treviso he arrives in Udine at midday. During dinner he has the idea of buying two run down horses;

Friday 8 April: from Ospedaletto to Pontebba;

Saturday 9 April: he arrives in Villach at three AM, half frozen; he wakes at 11;

Sunday 10 April: he goes to Mass and is surprised by the fact that shops are open on a Sunday like any other day;

Monday 11 April: in the afternoon he visits the lead acetate plant;

Tuesday 12 April: the flock leaves. He walks to Landscromm;

Wednesday 13 April: day trip to Bleiberg and a long walk in the mines lasting many hours;

Thursday 14 April: he leaves Villach, passing through Tarvisio and Pontebba;

Friday 15 April: he catches up with the flock; he passes through Venzone, where he probably spends the night;

Saturday 16 April: he arrives in Udine;

Sunday 17 April: he travels from Udine to Trieste on a carriage with three other people;

May: he returns to Torino;

Wednesday 10 August: he turns 26;

Saturday 10 December: he is made a member of the Commissione Superiore di Statistica (High Commission on Statistics).


Friday 14 April: his uncle Jules Gaspard Aynard de Clermont-Tonnerre dies. Camillo takes on the administration of the widow’ assets, his aunt Vittoria;

Sunday 2 July: he leaves for Vauvillers, in the Franche-Comté, to follow his aunt’s affairs;

Friday 21 July: he arrives in Paris;

Thursday 10 August: he turns 27;

September (second half): he returns to Torino;

Saturday 16 December: he leaves for Geneva and Vauvillers;

Friday 29 December: returns to Geneva.


Thursday 4 January: he leaves for Paris;

Tuesday 1 May: in Paris he writes a note in his diary;

Tuesday 5 June: in Geneva for his cousin Amélie de Sellon’s marriage with Charles T. Revilliod;

July: returns to Torino;

Friday 10 August: Camillo turns 28;


Collaborates on the foundation of kindergartens in Piedmont.

Friday 7 June: his uncle Jean-Jacques de Sellon dies;

June (end): abbot Giovanni Frézet, tutor of House Cavour dies;

Saturday 10 August: he turns 29;

Saturday 2 November: he attends the second meeting of the shareholders of the Compagnie Savoyarde set up for the railway running between lake Bourget and Chambéry;

Tuesday 10 December: he publishes on «Gazzetta Piemontese» a report titled: «On the railway between Chambéry and lake Bourget and on steam sailing on the same lake and on the river Rhone».


Friday 17 January: he reads his report titled “The moral and intellectual statistics of the nation” to the High Commission on Statistics;

Monday 20 April: he writes to Passiez, Salins, Cortason, De La Rüe, Beaumont, Veglio;

Wednesday 22 April: rushes to Santena. Dinner with the ambassador;

Friday 24 April: he writes to Mr du Teil;

Friday 8 May: he writes to Passiez, Tosco, Compagnie Savoyarde. He meets barrister Grosso;

Sunday 17 May: he records gambling winnings and losses; he notes that Mr. Mestrallet has accepted the position of “banquier” of “Compagnie Savoyarde”;

Monday 18 May: he reports “Compagnie Savoyarde”’s revenue received by “Nigra Frères” Bank;

Sunday 24 May: day trip to Santena with Saint-George, Saint-Martin, Cinet, Calisto, Remigio, Luigi Nomis di Cossilla, Cortason, Berton. Cavour writes down the menu on a page in his diary;

Thursday 9 July: he goes to Chambéry, then to Geneva, Vauvillers, Lyon;

Monday 10 August: he turns 30;

Thursday 20 August: he arrives in Paris;

Tuesday 6 - Wednesday 7 October: large losses incurred at the Paris Exchange;

Thursday 29 October: he leaves Paris headed for Vauvillers and Ginevra;

mid-December: he returns to Torino