Premio Cavour 2021, Giovanni Minoli awards the Golden Spectacles to Romano Prodi

20 September 2021

On Monday 20th September, the 2020 prize-winner Giovanni Minoli awarded the Golden Spectacles to Romano Prodi, for the Premio Cavour 2021 (Cavour Prize). During the ceremony held in the Giardino delle Scuderie (Stable Gardens) of the Memoriale Cavour in Santena (Torino), the journalist and television executive also interviewed “the Professor” in “Mixer” style. The interview will be broadcast on Tuesday 21st September on Radio Rai 1 during “Il Mix delle cinque” at 5:00 pm. Established in 2007 and assigned by Fondazione Cavour and Associazione “Amici della Fondazione”, every year the Premio Cavour is awarded to an excellent Italian. Master of ceremonies: Marco Boglione, as President of Fondazione Cavour. 

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