Marco Boglione visits the former Benso’s estate in Leri to discover the agricultural entrepreneurship of Cavour

4 December 2020

BasicNet Founder and Chairman Marco Boglione, in his role of President of the Fondazione Camillo Cavour, visited a 900 hectares estate once belonged to the Benso family in Leri, a village of Trino Vercellese (Piedmont), on Thursday, December 3rd. In this place, for many years, the Piedmonts’ statesman carried out agricultural experimentations, one of the many activities that accompanied his life. Local authorities, representatives of the current property, and the Director of the Fondazione Camillo Cavour Marco Fasano came with Marco Boglione in his visit. Before becoming a politician and, later on, the architect of the Unification of Italy in 1861, Camillo Cavour had been an entrepreneur and administrator of the Leri estates, which first belonged to his father Michele and, then, to his older brother Gustavo.

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