Marco Boglione made honorary citizen of Santena, Cavour’s elective hometown

23 February 2022

On Wednesday, February 23rd, inside the Diplomatic Room of the Cavour Memorial, the Santena town council bestowed on Marco Boglione honorary citizenship for his commitment as President of Fondazione Camillo Cavour. BasicNet founder and chairman succeeded former Italian minister and Cavaliere del Lavoro Nerio Nesi in February 2020. Boglione completed the project started by his predecessor: the Italian Government inaugurated the Memorial dedicated to the Piedmontese statesman on June 6th, 2021, the 160th anniversary of the Cavour death, in the town where he lived and was buried. Besides, the 14th stage of the 105th Giro d’Italia will start from Santena next May 21stBoglione is also President of this Stage Committee. Click here for the BreakingNews and here for the photo gallery. 

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