A headless statue of the first Italian Prime Minister consigned to the Camillo Cavour Foundation

30 June 2022

The City of Trino (Vercelli) consigned a headless statue of Camillo Cavour to the Cavour Foundation on Thursday, June 30th. The sculpture, created by Italian artist Ettore Villa (Milan, 1827 – Vercelli, 1909), is property of the City of Trino and will be safeguarded in the Foundation until the end of the renovation of the Leri village, the Cavour’s farming estate in Trino. Marco Boglione, in his role as President of the Camillo Cavour Foundation, introduced the consignment ceremony of the statue. In the photo, from the left side: Gino Anchisi (President of the Association “Amici Fondazione Cavour”), Enrico Arnaudo (President of the Municipal Council of Santena), Marco Boglione, and Daniele Pane (Mayor of Trino). 

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