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An extraordinary unicum of art and culture

This section provides an overview of the entire Polo Cavouriano, visiting the Memorial and admiring the wonderful works of art on show. Featuring amazing furnishings, a library and archives, Polo Cavouriano is an extraordinary unicum of art and culture: a monumental complex representing, in its unique combination of architectural elements, objets d’art, and historic mementoes, a great part of Italy’s historic heritage.

The Cavour Memorial is located inside Cavour Castle in Santena, designed and built by architect Francesco Gallo between 1712 and 1720. It underwent renovation work in the second half of the 19th century.
Its 18th century plan featured a cellar, a piano nobile (main floor) with a mezzanine, developed around a great hall at its center, a second floor with a long balcony and a third floor on the wings.
In 1876 Giuseppina Benso di Cavour started to transform the castle. The main body of the building was raised and nature-inspired relief decoration was added to the façade.

The front of the castle facing the English Gardens, designed by Xavier Kurten, preserves a solemn 18th century hall, formed by two parallel ramps providing access to the main floor. A gallery to the left of the building and at the same level as the main floor connected it to the old castle, completely renovated in the 18th century; the splendid Diplomatic Room is accessed from the front.

The interiors also follow the changes in use and interior design taste carried out by Giuseppina Benso di Cavour, the statesman’s niece and wife of Carlo Alfieri di Sostegno.

Map of Polo cavouriano