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In Santena’s Cavour Centre, Palazzo delle Scuderie also contains an extensive collection of books, highly significant both for quantity and quality.

There are over 6.000 items kept there, and a precise count is currently underway.
Initially the books were stored inside metal wardrobes, in double rows, for a total of 25 linear meters. A review carried out in 1986 by Giovanni Silengo uncovered a classification of the library dating back to the early 20th century: there were at least 3000 author entries, compiled following traditional standards, without shelf marks.

There was a remarkable section of books marked with Emilio Visconti Venosta’s ex libris; and a set of volumes featuring Valperga di Masino’s ex libris. A portion of the library appears to have belonged to Gustavo di Cavour.

The books include traditional categories: Italian, French, Latin classics, travel diaries, memoirs, history, religion, dictionaries. It’s very likely that a significant part of the library was gathered and put together by Emilio Visconti Venosta. There are many beautiful volumes from the 18th and 19th centuries. There are also two books printed by Aldo Manuzio. Mostly they are 19th century works.