A night by candlelight

A night by candlelight

An extraordinary opening of the Cavour Castle of Santena which, through a path illuminated only by the dim light of the candles, will welcome you for a dream visit. A rare opportunity to experience the emotion of visiting this historic environment with the original atmosphere and lighting, discovering what were once the most intimate environments in which the Benso di Cavour family lived.

With all other forms of lighting darkened, the public will in fact be able to enjoy the refined effect of candlelight through the courtly halls and more intimate environments, which are normally not open to visitors. A real journey back in time, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of past centuries and to discover how an upper-class family lived with its servants before the advent of electric lighting.

The visit will be divided between the various rooms on the noble floor of the Castle and on the mezzanines. It will take place with only the light of candles to illuminate the halls. The aperitif accompanying the visit, which will be served in the magnificent Sala Diplomatica, is organized by the catering.

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