The Camillo Cavour Award is held on 20 September, anniversary of the end of temporal power for the Papal States (1870). Established in 2007 in collaboration with Associazione Amici della Fondazione Cavour, the Award consists in a reproduction in gold of the famous Piedmontese statesman’s glasses, and is bestowed to an excellent Italian every year.

Below a list of winners in reverse chronological order

Camillo Cavour Award 2021 to Romano Prodi (15th edition)
Motivation for the award
The reason for the 2021 Cavour Award states «For an unrivaled university, managerial, political and government career; always at the service of the country». «Professor Romano Prodi interpreted in a contemporary way the spirit, intelligence, courage and foresight Camillo Cavour first displayed. His post as President of the European Commission sanctioned the important role Italy has played in the great continental plan right from its beginnings, thus completing the work started by the Savoy statesman».
Camillo Cavour Award 2020 to Giovanni Minoli (14th edition)
Motivation for the award
«The clarity of mind, perseverance and passion for Camillo Cavour’s work – also founder of newspaper Il Risorgimento and promoter of the Stefani Press Agency – clearly show in Giovanni Minoli’s character and in his professional and private life. Associazione Amici della Fondazione Cavour and Fondazione Cavour wish to reward Giovanni Minoli’s extraordinary career as a journalist at the service of the public at large, his clarity in describing the geopolitical scene in Italy and worldwide, his unmistakable style and the pioneering use of new technologies within television broadcasting».
Camillo Cavour Award 2019 to the National Firefighters Corps (13th edition)
Motivation for the award
«For being a point of reference in Italian society, constantly guarding the public and private safety of every Italian and foreign citizen, day and night. For serving the national community every day, facing the most critical and extreme situations with courage, commitment, and spirit of sacrifice, as shown once again recently during the tragedy in Genoa. For the ability to immediately find the appropriate solutions during emergencies affecting the community as well as private citizens. For having become a symbol of heroism and generosity nationwide».
Camillo Cavour Award 2018 to Giovanni Soldini (12th edition)
Motivation for the award
«A key player at a global level, for 30 years Giovanni Soldini has achieved success on the world’s seas, showing extraordinary skill in sailing boats of any size. He started by crossing the Atlantic for the first time in his life when he was 16, has completed dozens of feats, setting new, increasingly challenging records, until on 23 February 2018 on the Maserati Multi 70 trimaran he beat the world record on the Hong Kong-London route, traveling 15,000 miles at an average speed of 17 knots. The Soldini-Maserati partnership had already set the world record on the other section of the Tea route, from San Francisco to Shanghai. With his feats Giovanni Soldini has kept high the reputation of Italian sailing and the prestige of Italian industry all over the world».
Camillo Cavour Award 2017 to Samantha Cristoforetti (11th edition)
Motivation for the award
«For achieving absolutely exceptional levels of scientific, professional and cultural competence through in-depth studies and extraordinary experiences in Italy and abroad. For fulfilling these studies and experiences by taking part in a 199-day mission to the International Space Station as the only Italian and third European woman. For demonstrating extraordinary moral and physical gifts and a profound commitment to the Italian Military Air Force and deservedly becoming its symbol worldwide».
Camillo Cavour Award 2016 to Mario Draghi (10th edition)
Motivation for the award
«For preserving the European Central Bank’s independence, as envisaged by its founders, despite attempts to subjugate it to the incidental, volatile and often contradictory interests of the 19 member States. For having implemented financial measures to support the economic growth of all European countries, fending off the still-looming danger of deflation. For having thus achieved the institutional and civil charisma that allows him to urge European politicians to make choices aimed at a shared solution of the continent’s great issues».
Camillo Cavour Award 2015 to the Navy (9th edition)
Motivation for the award
«For having demonstrated to the whole of Europe the profound sense of duty, perfect professional competence and boundless humanity of the crews of the ships that have saved thousands of men, women and children in the Mediterranean Sea».
Camillo Cavour Award 2014 to Brunello Cucinelli (8th edition)
Motivation for the award
«World-famous fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli has given life and tangibility to a concept of business placing him at the cutting edge in the search for objectives that lie beyond the admittedly necessary company profit margin. By remaining operationally consistent with the ideals he expresses he has provided a compelling example to the entire Italian business world».
Camillo Cavour Award 2013 to Bruno Ceretto (7th edition)
Motivation for the award
«Bruno Ceretto started on a journey with his brother Marcello in the late 1950s that has brought the company established by their father Riccardo to export fine wines in 80 countries worldwide, conquering markets such as th U.S., Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Russia and China. Combining tradition and innovation, respect for the land and its valorization through cultural and enogastronomic tourism, rigor in production and research, Bruno Ceretto has become an ambassador of the best products made in Italy, refined, sophisticated and envied worldwide. The concept that wine producers should reinvest part of their profits in high quality tourism sets Bruno Ceretto as an example that must inspire all Italian entrepreneurs to contribute to a new resurgence of our Country».
Camillo Cavour Award 2012 to Carlo Petrini (6th edition)
Motivation for the award
«For years Carlo Petrini has carried out extraordinary work valorizing and preserving biodiversity in farming and food production as a “tool to guarantee a future for our planet and for the whole of mankind”, combining the teachings and traditions of past generations with innovative production systems, entirely committed to respecting the environment. The international “Slow Food” movement, Salone del Gusto in Turin and the “Terra Madre” food community network are extraordinary initiatives confirming the value of his ideas, and perfectly in line with Camillo Benso di Cavour’s farming and business experiences. His knowledge of the subject matter, awareness of the issues related to it and the ability to launch initiatives resulting in practical activities have contributed to the growth of Italy’s prestige and fame throughout the world».
Camillo Cavour Award 2011 to Angelo Vassallo, in memoriam (5th edition)
Motivation for the award
«Mayor of a town in Campania, he dedicated his life to serving the community that elected him, fully respecting the environment, making lawfulness his overall modus operandi. With these values he managed his municipality for years, valorizing its most precious resources, his only objective being a better future for the land he belonged to. While restoring and defending the territory under his care Angelo Vassallo found himself confronted by murky interests, contrary to those of the community: he actively opposed such interests with the strength of the law, publicly denouncing the situations he had to face. His mindset is clearly expressed by him in this statement: “I live and serve the people, but I must say that the enemies of the State eat its bread and live off the sacrifices of the working population”. Angelo Vassallo left us a profound teaching: the fight against criminal organizations exploiting the natural resources of the sea, the land and the earth must inspire all of our everyday actions. In remaining faithful to this commitment Angelo Vassallo paid the highest price with his own life. May he be taken as an example by those who are called to manage public affairs all over Italy».
Camillo Cavour Award 2010 to Carla Fracci (4th edition)
Motivation for the award
«Carla Fracci is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest ballet dancers of the 20th century, probably the greatest performer of the romantic repertoire. Ever since she became first ballerina of Teatro alla Scala at the age of 22, she has enjoyed boundless success in all the most prestigious theatres in the world and collaborated with a number of famous international companies: the London Festival Ballet, Royal Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, Royal Swedish Ballet and the American Ballet. She was the only dancer in the world to play the role of Juliet in the temple of Shakespearean theater in London. Carla Fracci danced with all the greatest dancers of recent generations, notably with: Rudolf Nureyev, Vladimir Vasiliev, Henning Kronstam, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Erik Bruhn. She inspired poets and writers including Mario Luzi, Ada Merini, Eugenio Montale, Fernanda Pivano and Edoardo Sanguineti. With her work throughout the world Carla Fracci has performed great service to Italian culture and represents a point of reference for our Country’s artists».
Camillo Cavour Award 2009 to Piero Angela (3rd edition)
Motivation for the award
«With a career spanning 57 years working in radio, television, film, journalism and publishing he has provided an exceptional contribution to the constant growth of scientific culture among millions of Italian citizens. His work has fuelled in younger generations a renewed interest in studying and researching scientific phenomena in a number of fields. For this reason the Italian academic world has expressed its gratitude awarding him eight “honoris causa” degrees from the universities of Camerino, Ferrara, Cagliari, Chieti, Urbino, Palermo, Torino and Bari. His educational activity has enhanced our Country’s prestige worldwide, as shown by acknowledgements from the World Science Festival in Tokyo, the permanent exhibition at Musée de la Villette in Paris, New York State University, Unesco and the International Astronomical Union, who named an asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter after him».
Camillo Cavour Award 2008 to Umberto Veronesi (2nd edition)
Motivation for the award
«Umberto Veronesi has dedicated his entire life to the fight against one of the most serious diseases of our times, becoming a reference and a beacon of hope for thousands of people. With his tireless work he has represented Italian science at the highest level, exporting the results of his research, mostly carried out in Italy, all over the world. Faithful to the concept of duty like many other great Italians, he has always put his experience at the service of the Country whenever he has been called to cover public appointments».
Camillo Cavour Award 2007 Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (1st edition)
Motivation for the award
«During his seven years as President of the Republic he has carried out exceptionally important work to bring forth in the souls of the Italian people feelings and values which appeared to have faded, but which were in fact just dormant: the same feelings and values the Count of Cavour drew inspiration from when looking for the strength necessary to complete his historic plan».